My name is Valentin Simonov. I am a software engineer and as of July 2017 I live and work in Moscow, Russia. Long time ago I've started coding in Basic and after I stumbled upon Macromedia Flash 2, I've been fascinated by code generating pretty images forever since.

My Job

Today I work as a Field Engineer at Unity Technologies, where my job is to help studios make their games better and release them on time. I also blog about Unity, deliver presentations about Unity at conferences and organize trainings.


I am an expert in: Unity, C#, ActionScript, Optimization, Multi-touch, Prototyping and Hacking.
I know quite well: C++, C, Java, HLSL, 3D Programming, Computer Science, Software Architecture.
I know something about: Game Development, Arduino, JavaScript, Processing, vvvv, SQL, VR/AR, Math.

Pet projects

TouchScript — complete multi-touch solution for Unity: iOS, Android, Windows, TUIO.
An open source project to make gesture recognition in Unity on various devices easier.

Unity Presentation Framework — no need to switch to Powerpoint anymore.
An open source project which enables people creating presentations in Unity Editor without the need to switch to Powerpoint or Keynote slides.


Here are some of the projects I participated in.


This is a (partial) list of presentations I've delivered which are available online.